Car Cleaning -Important Things

How often do you clean your car? To retain your car's value, it is recommended that you wash your car at least once a week. Doing so ensures that you remove any unwanted dirt and debris that can ruin your paint job if left sitting on your car over time. You will also feel good knowing that your car looks the best that it can possibly look, plus a good clean once a week will help to maintain the value of your vehicle. The following are a few car cleaning "must haves" that you need to have before you tackle the challenge of washing your car. It would be best to get service from Car cleaning qatar

· Specialty car cleaning shampoo

The shampoo that you choose to clean your car with can make all the difference in how long your paint job lasts. A good shampoo provides ultimate protection against the normal wear and tear of your car. Never use any household soaps such as dish washing liquid to clean your vehicle. This can ruin the paint job and cause the plastic surfaces of your car to begin to fade.

· The right sponge or mitt

When cleaning your vehicle you want to ensure that you have the right sponge or mitt. A mitt made of sheepskin is the best choice for getting rid of unwanted dirt on the surface of the bodywork.

· A Towel for drying

Air drying your car will only lead to spots. A drying towel made of micro fiber or sheep chamois will help you get rid of the excess water on your car after you have washed it thoroughly. Dry the vehicle immediately after you wash it for the best results.

· A fresh water supply

Of course, one of the main things you need when washing your vehicle is water. Be sure that the water you choose to wash your car in is clean. Dirty water will damage the paint on your vehicle. Don't wash your vehicle with water that is used to wash the tires and rims. Have separate buckets for each. Washing from the same bucket will result in tiny scratches.

Use the list of car cleaning "must haves" when making the decision on which products to choose for your car. From specialist car cleaning shampoo to the perfect towel for drying, having the right car washing products will ensure that you car is taken care of. Which car cleaning products will you add to your collection for cleaning and maintaining your car?